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Project Viability Study and Report
We prepare project feasibility reports by considering the commercial, technical, financial and environmental aspects of the project. The study involves site evaluation, resource assessment, technology selection and brief financial modeling for ensuring better quality products.

Site Selection and Evaluation:

  • The Site visits will be carried out to analyze the ground conditions and relevant data collections are done based on the land available, soil stability and infrastructure.
  •  Analyzing the requirements for site levelling, equipment foundations, roads, trenches, compound wall, control room and switchyard in line with the standards.
  • Infrastructures studies on the grid system for the supply of power.

Technology Selection and Studies:

  • The suitable renewable energy technology will be selected based on the geographic data
  • Renewable Energy technology capacity, electricity generation and system losses at the site will be calculated.

Designing of the system:
We design the complete system as per International standards and evaluate it for optimum utilization of available areakeeping the power generation maximum.

  • Execute civil works design
  • Mechanical design and specs definition
  • Electrical LV/ HV design and specs definition
  • Grid connection design and specs definition

In ensuring the quality of the products we procure equipment’s and provide services in line with guidelines mentioned by Government of India.

  • Qualified vendors portfolio
  • Invite for quotation
  • Supplier selection
  • Quality supervision and inspection at supplier facilities
  • Deliveries follow up


  • Project management
  • Planning and schedules/follow up
  • Co-ordination with customers
  • Quality contractor assurance


  • Qualified commissioning expertise
  • Document and drawing of the executed project
  • Detailed quality review
  • Project commissioning
  • Project handover to owner

Financial Studies
Financial studies are one of the vital aspects for any renewable technology installations. In our company we provide the following supports:

  • Interactions with nodal agencies or utilities or power purchasers on technical clarifications sought on tariff justification, energy yield estimates, renewable energy certifications, power purchase agreements and financial support from government policies.
  • Enlisting all the financial assumptions, itemized project cost break-up
  • Recommendations to further optimise CAPEX through technology mix or any other route.

Operation and Maintenance:
The operation and maintenance of the plant is the critical aspect for ensuring the complete utilization of the system. 

  • We provide maintenance services like cleaning of the solar panels, operation of the body of system components and also looking at the safety of the system.
  • We also analyze and enlistthe maintenance components, spare parts and special tools.
  • We also provide the training to the people for working in the power plant and also provide the operation manual.

Application Facilitation
VSD Renewable and consultants have knowledge of the central and state policiesfor the installations of solar plants from MW Scale Solar Farms to Rooftop Power Plants, thus eliminating errors and ensuring project and subsidy allocations. The following are the services which we provide:

  • Enlisting, matching and preparation of documents to meet the eligibility criteria set by the MNRE or the state solar policy setting agencies
  • Analyzing and providing provision of technical data, potential energy generation and interaction with relevant agencies for technical clarifications, and guidance during bidding on tariff.
  • Assisting the project developers in identification of suitable land and facilitating acquisition of the same including facilitating Government lease and private land acquisition.

Review and Validation
It is extremely important to ensure the plant operation and its design for the complete utilization of available energy. In our company we provide the following solutions:

  • Ensuring the design and engineering aspects are optimizedfor the maximum utilization of the energy yield.
  • Review and validating the electrical, civil and structural design and engineering documentation submitted by the EPC service provider.
  • Ensuring the high quality products as per standards set by the Government.

Turnkey EPC Services for solar industries:
In the recent past the large scale solar power plants projects have been attracting the industries and independent power producers,mainly due to the lucrative policies introduced by state and central nodal bodies.
VSD Renewable and consultant provide complete end-to-end solutionsincluding complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services for our customers seeking to build solar power plants in India. We execute the projects in very quick time with high quality standards.
We assist customers seeking to use solar power right from the planning stage through theentire operational life of the project. This includes providing our customers with a complete financial return and cash flow analysis of the solar power project including providing of advisory services that help customers navigate all government policy issues, land procurement issues, tax benefits, subsidies and regulatory approvals to successfully install Solar photovoltaic plants.




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