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Off-Grid Solar Rooftop System
Solar off-grid systems are installed on stand-alone basis without any support from utility grid. They use batteries as storage devices of electricity that gets charged during the day and meets electricity needs during night.
The generalized execution procedure for off-grid connected solar rooftop systems includes

Load Assessment
Load Assessment for light loads and heavy loads of the building or industry in order to calculate the system capacity required.

Feasibility Study
The feasibility Study of the land is carried out to analyze the climatic parameters, soil, shading effect, water availability,and infrastructure , grid connectivity.

Vendors List
Listing of the vendors for procuring the equipment in installing of the power plant with qualified and experienced civil and electrical contractors.

Project Planning
Project Planning including preparation of detailed engineering drawings, project execution plan, plant lay out and infrastructure requirements.

Delivery and Testing of Equipment’s
Delivery of Equipment to project site after comprehensive testing done based on random sampling to ensure quality and consistency.

Installation and Commissioning
Installation and Commissioning of the plant's mounting structure, modules and other electrical equipment’s. This also covers the deployment of necessary monitoring system.

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